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Jenny, South Woodford

My name is Jenny and I am a huge massage enthusiast with a love for both classic and sensual massage.

I try my best to offer my clients a combination of both thorough as well as sensual treatment within the scope of the treatment booked.

I have 3 years of experience and make sure I look after every person that comes to see me as they are each a special and dear guest.

I understand that everyone is unique and different so please I recommend to voice your preferences at start of the session so we are on the same page and you are happy.

Best way to book is via text message :) please be patient if I donít reply immediately.

07762 072728

Excited to make your acquaintance and spoil you rotten
Ps : within the limits of a massage treatment of course.

Approximate location of my studio, full location will be given on making a booking.
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