Code of best practice for Covid -19 avoidance  for Sensual & Tantric Massage therapists

    All the therapists and other customer facing staff like receptionists should complete an online training course to show that they have an understanding of how Covid-19 is spread and the best general practice for avoiding spreading it.  ( FREE online training course )

    All therapists and other customer facing staff, should at the beginning of the working day, use a  Non-Contact  Forehead Thermometer and refrain from working if a high temperature is recorded. they  should also refrain from working if have any other symptoms of covid-19. ( Forehead Thermometer )

    Before the start of each working day, the treatment room and any other areas that the customer will come into contact with should receive a deep clean, this includes waiting areas and shower facilities.

    All customers should be checked for a high temperature, before the massage takes place

    Customers should be invited to whenever possible  shower before and after the massage, when this is not possible customers should be instructed to use a hand sanitizer before entering the treatment room.

    A new clean towel should be supplied to every customer taking a shower, and given a small hotel type bottle of shower gel, so as to avoid using a bottle that has been touched by other customers.
    When a massage couch is used, it should be covered in a new disposable fitted couch cover, and separate disposable face hole cover were required, covering of massage couches with blue roll is not acceptable due to not covering the sides of the couch, that are often touched by the hands of the customer. (Disposable couch cover)

    When a pillow is used to cover the couch cover, on turnover. The pillow should be placed in a new clean pillow cover for each customer. 

    When a bed is used for the massage, it should be completely covered with a clean sheet for each new customer. With new pillow cases if the pillow are not covered by the sheet.

    The therapist should unless the massage is naturist from the beginning wear a new top / t-shirt for each customer, so as to avoided any risk of contamination picked up on clothing, especially on sleeves.

    The therapist should offer to wear a disposable face covering during the appointment, and change this before the next customer. 

    If any money is handed to the therapist during the massage, the therapist must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before continuing the massage.

    At the end of each massage session, the disposable covers, used towels, and any tissues used must be removed and safely disposed of, before the treatment room is given a through clean.

    The therapist should offer to take a discreet way of contacting the customer, like a punting phone number or work email, to make contact if the therapist was to show any covid-19 symptoms up to 14 days after the appointment. The therapist should also ask the customer to contact them if they  themselves were to show any covid-19 symptoms after the appointment.

Code of best practice for Covid -19 avoidance  for Sensual & Tantric Massage Therapists
Draft Copy

As well as following all government issued guidance for massage therapists, it is recommended that all therapists adopt the following best practices:    

The members of the fbsm forum have been discussing, what will happen when Government do give the go ahead for the more personal services like, barbershops, nail bars, and hopefully massage shops and massage therapists to start trading again. and what guide lines for them will be issued?. If any guide lines were to be issued covering massage therapists, we doubt if those guide lines will be designed to cover the services that we all enjoy, were the contact with the therapist can be even closer. and then depending on what the government guidelines are, it may or may not be possible to work within those guidelines, in such case we would have to rely on the therapists following protocols  that we believe mitigate some if not all of the risks.

In a poll on the fbsm forum44% of members would not consider going for a massage at the moment, even if it was allowed under government guidelines, due to the uncertain of not knowing the precautions each individual therapist was taking to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

What is required is a Code of best practice for Covid -19 avoidance  for Sensual & Tantric Massage therapists, so that it is known that all good therapists are working to the same best practices giving customers more confidence in returning to going for a massage.

We have come up with a Draft copy of a Code of best practice for Covid -19 avoidance  for Sensual & Tantric Massage therapists, and the members of the fbsm forum have indicated that they would be more likely to visit a therapist who was working to this guide.

If therapists were to adopt this best working practice, we could list them on the directory, so that the forum members would know who is working to a code of best practice.

If you are not a member of the fbsm forum, but would like to discuss  any part of this code of practice, of have any suggestions please feel free to contact us        

The need for a Code of best practice for Covid -19 avoidance  for Sensual & Tantric Massage therapists
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